adidas Tobacco (Made in Canada)


It seems that adidas really went for the comfort market with this model, ditching the conventional laces for an ‘oh so lazy’ double Velcro fastening system.

Following the imminent drop of the Mita collaboration, adidas Originals’ Tobacco model was still fresh in our minds, so we decided to present you with a rare, little gem to feast your eyes upon. Gone is the adidas branding from the tongue, just leaving the iconic three striping to identify the maker, and it’s safe to say these were definitely aimed at the older customer.

Using the same gum sole unit as the standard model, and a virtually unchanged premium suede upper (except for the beefed up panelling of the strap fastenings) it really is a lazy attempt by a designer on a Friday afternoon, but it just seems to work. Muted colours, easy fastening… they just scream out “Pensioner!” to me.

I’m guessing these were not a great seller on their initial release due to the rarity, and Velcro has a love it or hate it appeal to most collectors, so they may have been passed over on sale rails. The funny thing that strikes me as I look at them is the obvious opportunity to reiterate the adidas iconography by using three Velcro strips instead of simply two.

Regarding their scarcity, I’ve seen quite a few models of adidas in my time, but I have never seen a pair of these, until now. A truly rare collectors piece, although not the most aesthetically pleasing version of the model, and maybe that’s exactly where their appeal lies.

Though the ultimate question is: would you wear them?

written by Mike Stopforth

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Will Clayton