• MADE ON: 08/10
  • ART.NO: 352226 01

Celebrating Size?’s 10th anniversary, Trainerspotter got together with PUMA to blast out a fresh Miami Vice Sky II Hi silhoutte.

Like most Sky Hi’s these have a super thin, ultra lightweight, and totally comfy fit about them, but this overall lean feeling is pushed even further by the cool, crisp colorway. Forget Miami Vice as an inspiration, just the smoky grey with bright pastel highlights alone is enough to get us feeling excited, even before attributing them to some action-packed beach thriller in Hawaiian floral shirts and rad Ray-Bans.

But hype, oh hype, it lingers on these like flies upon the chalk-outlined corpses that those two charming Metro-Dade Police Department detectives fight to avenge. In fact, in hunting these down we had an interesting meetup with a fellow trainer lover inside of Solebox here in Berlin. Having just arrived from another German city, somewhat nearby, he was with a friend and both were middle-aged men with large, unweildly rucksacks as though they’d literally hitchhiked down here. Now we’re seriously not ones to judge, but the two of these guys were decked out in some serious beast wares. Obey caps, Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts, Beats by Dre around their necks, and what looked to be pajama pants covered in cartoony depictions of ice creams and other tasty snacks. Our jaws almost dropped before we checked ourselves and paid them proper respects. After all, everyone is entitled to their own style, even if it is curated entirely by current trends.

This is, unfortunately, what happens at times, as our judgements get the best of us and we end up buying anything with a certain collab or label on it. And it’s quite possible why these were being sold onward at such a steal of a price; because they were only bought under hype. For many pairs, we could care less, but for these, it’s a sad story if and when it happens, because they are quite lush and definitely something unique for anyone who finds happiness in collecting (and even better, wearing) PUMA’s deliciously slim high top Sky 2.

As for where the hype itself comes from, it’s no surprise seeing that a collaboration brings on the sheep. And this isn’t just any collab, but one featuring the crossed palm trees of London’s own streetwear stylists, Trainerspotter, a shop that features a variety of young styles including simple but colorful, high quality designs, as well as cartoony and illustrative imagery as well. What’s more, the drop of these was limited to only 200 pairs worldwide, so one can clearly see why they’re so hard to get ahold of.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as with many of their 10th Anniversary releases, Size? complimented the trainer choice of Trainerspotter by pushing out their own detective-inspired colorway as well. Based on the clothing style and color of The Sweeney’s lead character, Detective Jack Regan, the second beige and burgundy pair was even rarer, limited to 120 pairs. So after all that backstory and rarity, one can see why you’d have to be Sonny or Rico to score a pair.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol