adidas ZX 750

  • MADE ON: --/13
  • ART.NO: Q23657

adidas Originals has approached 2013 almost as if it’s been the Year of the Runner and not the Year of the Snake, and these ZX 750′s fit nicely into that M.O.

Beyond the wondrous onslaught of recently resurrected and retro’d runners there was another reason we weren’t surprised to catch the myriad of new 750 colorways to hit the shelves for Spring / Summer 2013. For those that are ZX-privy, a memory might be recalled of adidas’ “Make Moves” campaign, launched in early 2012, with the ZX 750 at its center. So once again Originals lace us up to blast into a brand new year with this brightly lit pair of ZX family runners.

Sporting some sweet ‘sunshine’ yellow highlights against the ‘collegiate’ silver upper, the bones of this bold design are made even more striking with some added bits of black, finally spiced with a slice of red to really bring the palette home.

If these particular, picked hues don’t get your groove, fear not; similar to the seven makeups made available to men and women as part of the “Make Moves” drop in 2012 a variety of designs can be expected to hit the shelves this year as well, including a lighter ‘running’ white and ‘vivid’ red pair for those tamer folks out there. There’s even some burgundy-based ones for those class-acts who are looking for a bit more finesse than the crisp attitude the pair pictured here possesses. Whatever your pick, expect contrast, as that’s the name of the game to show off the (admittedly) mildly bulky, yet still well designed body of the ZX 750.

Personally not being a ZX-wearer myself, I’ll be passing on these, but for those who are looking for a solid way to hit the ground running this new year, we’d highly suggest giving the 750 a go, especially if you’ve been sleepin’ on the silhouette since the 1980s.

written by Dylan Cromwel

photography by errol

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