adidas ZX 700 M

  • MADE ON: --/13
  • ART.NO: Q23450
  • FACTORY: APE 779001

Given a trainer from a family that has its soul built on a foundation of numbers, it’s always quite interesting to see a letter thrown into the mix.

adidas Originals’ ZX family is huge; this extensive group of running silhouettes is likely even larger than the infamous City Series or the more contemporary Consortium line. But for all the ZX fans out there, how many are die-hard enough to know all the numbers?

We won’t push that contest here in fear of over-challenging some of our readers, however we would like to note that besides the various numerical naming conventions adopted by the ZX family, there as also some letters thrown into the mix from time to time as well.

Most notable are the C, S, and G, tacked onto the end of various ZX releases in the thousands range, and meant to denote whether the shoes were graded for cushioning, support, or guidance. This trend, while officially grouped to only these three, has carried over to more modern releases in the form of the ZX 700 M presented here (as well as a handful of other colorways for the Spring and Summer of 2013, showing off a more OG selection of hues).

Paying even the slightest bit of attention to the upper, the reason behind the letter ‘M’ in the name should become almost immediately obvious; a mixture of leather and mesh bring a whole different soul to these runners than one might typically expect to find. And the choice of a predominantly monochrome colorway really speaks to the shape more than the layering, texture, or design details themselves.

Whether you’re actually after a long-distance running shoe or simply want to relax in casual class this Spring and Summer, you’ve no need to look further than these ZX 700 M’s. And if you’re a fan of the monochrome but find that the ‘dark petrol’ blue isn’t suiting your fancy, there’s an ‘umber’ brown colorway as well that’s worth a look.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol