adidas Campus 80s “84-Lab”

  • DESIGNED BY: Kazuki Kuraishi
  • MADE ON: --/13
  • ART.NO: Q23085
  • FACTORY: SHW 675001

Well-known for working wonders with adidas silhouettes, Kazuki Kuraishi continues to impress the sneaker community with his clever tweaks on these Campus 80s.

His collaboration with adidas originals for Spring 2013 produced eight pairs of shoes which make up the 84-Lab collection. The pack is mostly made up of greys, browns, navy’s, and blacks with a dressy look despite the fact that they’re a range of runners and classic court models. I feel as if it hides the identity of the ZXZ ADV, the Torsion Allegra, and the National Tennis. They’re sport-inspired past seems to fade with the upscale remodeling. Yet the Campus 80s are still no doubt those ball-bouncing, Beastie Boy-bringing Campus 80s we all cherish.

The great thing about the Campus model is that it can handle any color effortlessly from bright oranges to dull greys. And now we know it can also handle oddball materials. Obviously I’m not talking about cardboard or chain mail (although that does sound kind of cool), I’m referring to the see-through mesh stretching across the upper, which the Campus was a stranger to up until now. The only other variation the Campus has been through resulted in the Campus 80s OT Tech, impressively also the work of KZK.

By keeping the toe, tongue, and heel of the upper the routine pigskin suede, the model is still very recognizable to those who know their stripes. But I feel as though there may be a divide between all the ‘heads on this pair. Some may see it as a breath of fresh air while some may be wishing they had a can of Febreze to spray it with. The Campus 80s is my number one silhouette so I personally have no strong opinion on whether this pair is a success or flop because they all seem pretty great to me compared to the coolest Stan Smith’s. I do have to say I’m not disappointed though, and I enjoy seeing what Kazuki has to offer to the world.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol