adidas Torsion Dimension Hi

  • MADE ON: 10/92
  • ART.NO: 035961
  • FACTORY: 209

Identical to their low runner counterpart, the adidas Torsion Dimension Hi is more of a trail blazing trainer than a street sneaker.

Embued with the power of Dynaprene, it’s a better shot than PU soles that this pair will survive despite its original birthday in 1992. The idea behind Dupont’s exclusive sole system is to provide ‘a softer, more cushioned feel while maintaining the stability of conventional midsole materials’. That combined with the Torsion technology makes this shoe actually quite advanced when it comes to outsole features.

But truth be told, what we love most about this shoe isn’t the tech, it’s simply how damn hideous it is. Starting from the interestingly shaped and sculpted Dynaprene sole unit – which not only bares the Torsion bar but also a bunch of bubbly tread patterns in the heel, forefoot, and toe areas – up to this ridiculous upper that boasts a variety of textures, patterns, shapes, and colors. The layering itself is beyond silly, even the bright blue and black checkering is obnoxious, and then combined with a paling neon orange and blotchy, movie-makeup purple their overall colorway leaves one meer inches from puking.

Yet somehow we still dig ‘em. Call it points for being unique, if you need some tangible validation. And the ankle collar is the most interesting – being the only anatomical difference from their low-cut running siblings – given some funky plastic eyelets under which a puffy, sculpted, foam oval sits, punched with fake perforations for apparently no reason at all. Further, inside of the collar there’s a heel pillow that matches the tongue and is surprisingly comfy, proving the shoes certainly had a little bit of common sense design and innovation instilled in them.

Incredibly rare today, if you should come across these in their hideous hues (or even better, the white and blue low version) you’d be best to nab up ‘em quick.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol