adidas Felicity & SLVR Lookbooks for Spring / Summer 2011

This spring eatmoreshoes paid No74 in Berlin a visit to pick up the Superstar 80s CLOT and we were pleasantly surprised to find the Felicity and SLVR lookbooks available as well.

The Felicity lookbook marks the fifth and final season of collaborations between Kuzaki Kuraishi and adidas for the Originals by Originals series. Kuzaki’s inspiration has largely come from the spirit of English culture, saying himself, “I want to express an atmosphere that is uniquely British through products”.

The first part of the lookbook shares photos and interviews with his nine favorite British creators: Ian Brown (alternative rock musician and former frontman of The Stone Roses), Gary “Mani” Mounfield (former rock bassist of The Stone Roses), Cyclops (street artist), Kenneth Mackenzie (designer and founder of 6876), Gary Aspden (trend marketing consultant at adidas), Robert Brooks (graphic designer), MC KODER (grime musician), Felix Hall (DJ), and Michael Kopelman (director of GIMME5).

It’s obvious that over the year’s Kazkui has become a staple of design at adidas, expanding the customer base and building loyalty to the brand. Even Ian Brown admits that “whatever Kazuki creates, I’d want to wear unconditionally”. Although often clean and subtle, Kazuki experiments and takes risks with his designs, and Gary Mounfield believes his work is “very edgy and street-oriented. It feels like the brand is being given a new twist. It’s adidas being adventurous”.

Gary Aspen praises Kazuki’s work and his attention to detail by stating that he “understands the fundamentals of UK style”. Not only does he capture the essence of Great Britain, but he also grabs the attention of hardcore sneaker heads such as Robert Brooks, who’s “been collecting trainers for about 25 years, and [finds] ObyO KZK series really fresh”.

What truly makes Kazuki’s releases one of a kind is their versatility, and Koder agrees, saying “it’s rare to find clothes that can be worn for any occasion”. Although this lookbook – and season – mark the end of Kazuki’s career with adidas, he will surely not be forgotten, and in the words of Kopelman, “Kazuki has made the biggest impact on adidas since RUN DMC in the 1980′s”.

The second feature in the Felicity lookbook showcases Kazuki’s last collection of clothing: raincoats, hoodies, track tops, sweat pants, tank tops, and other highly original and functional wear. The shoes in the collection include the Plants KZK (in white and black), ZX Ian, adidarwen, KZK Copepan, ZX Mocc (in silver and cinder), Stan Smith M (in white and black), and Superstar 80s CLOT.

An interview with Kazuki completes the lookbook, sharing the history of his collaborations with adidas, and shedding light on his inspirations and process for the Originals by Originals releases he designed.

The adidas SLVR lookbook displays the Spring / Summer 2011 collection of SLVR series clothing and shoes, largely drawing inspiration from “prep classics”. Jeremy Scott – a long time collaborator with adidas – contributes his work to the series, adding to its ensemble of loose and subtle, yet sharp and sophisticated summertime wear.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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