Solemart 2013 Recap

Yet another year under their already heavy belts, the whole Solebox family showed Berlin’s Smart Center what a real sneaker festivity should look like.

With a controlled and quiet inclusion from the sponsoring brands, Hikmet, Sükret, and the rest of the Solebox fam assembled an amazing event. Roughly three thousand ‘heads showed up and browsed the stands, scattered throughout the long, hall-like center, complete with a widened belly displaying various automobiles around the lounge furniture made comfortable for fatigued footwear fanatics.

Hikmet even unveiled his own Solebox vehicle alongside a special pair of Solebox x Reebok Pumps in a blue and gray colorway. Reebok, adidas, and PUMA all had their own areas to showcase their latest brand releases, but in order to keep the event community-focused they were prevented from actually selling anything to visiting consumers – an idea that we tip our hats towards Solebox for instigating as it kept the focus really on the vintage, the rare, and those grubby used pairs you just had to have.

A slew of usual sellers showed up of course, and people piled in, lips cold blue from the trefoil slushies being provided, bobbing their heads to the crate-dug grooves spun by local music-fiends HHV as they searched for their holy grails.

All around a success and what stuck me the most was the diversity in the crowds and the creators of the event. Young kids and even babies, hypebeasts and hipsters, old school legends and new school lemmings… Solemart is definitely the place for everyone to get involved, and in that aspect it perfectly mirrors the personality of Solebox: excellent, open, and all about positivity.

That, and of course, cool ass kicks.

written by Dylan Cromwell

video by Faruk Hosseini

music by Beathoavenz

  • Benji Blunt

    who’s the guy in the iron man mask?

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