PUMA Suede

  • MADE ON: 12/02
  • ART.NO: 339035 23

This colourway of PUMA’s archetypal model is a testament to the shoe’s ability to stand the test of time.

Nowadays the PUMA Suede is a household name – a shoe that has always been welcomed by the market and PUMA enthusiasts – which has gone through many revamps since its inception in 1968. There have been many reissues of the model in new colourways and themes, so many in fact it’s easy to get lost in the variety that is openly available. However through the many pairs of Suede’s one can buy only few colourways work so well that they go on to influence others.

This can be said for the pair of ‘Navy and Ray’ nicknamed PUMA Suedes pictured here. The odd name of the colourway refers of course to the navy of the upper and the mustard yellow of the laces, PUMA formstripe, and heel tab. Why PUMA decided to go with the name ‘ray’ over yellow is still a mystery.

The shoe largely follows the proven formula of the Suede, with a smooth suede upper, rubber midsole and chunky B-boy laces. However if you look closely you’ll see the shoe has opted out of having its name in gold lettering printed underneath the PUMA logo on the side. Something PUMA thought necessary for this 2002 model. The PUMA lettering on the side is larger than most giving the illusion of a smaller shoe. Four holes above the formstripe complete the shoe.

Now, back to the colourway. The mustard yellow Puma named ‘ray’ has since been used again on the Suede, a decision that must have stemmed from its popularity as PUMA have more commonly used lighter tones of yellow for the Suede. The navy and ‘ray’ made a great colour combination and have since been partnered up again in the form of the navy and ‘mineral’ yellow, ‘mood’ indigo and ‘arrowwood’, and ‘dark shadow’ and ‘min’ yellow Suedes; all of these reissues implement that distinctive ‘ray’ yellow.

A simple but effective colourway that isn’t too loud for Suede fans that aren’t trying to catch everyone’s attention. The navy and ‘ray’ “Suede-less” Suede may have disappeared from store shelves but those colours will be sure to be back again and again.

written by Sam Arojo

photography by errol

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