adidas Fleetwood Low

  • MADE ON: 04/04
  • ART.NO: 538831

Although the Superstar seems to be the only sneaker model ever associated with Run DMC, the legendary rap group actually had their own line of shoes with adidas.

It all kicked off with the release of Run DMC’s “My Adidas” in 1986. It caused a giant demand for the shell-toed superstars as fans attempted to imitate their idols. With the great success it brought to adidas, the brand decided to sign the Queens rappers. And with every signing comes a signature shoe of course. And since there were three peas in the pod, it meant a collection of signature shoes.

For this collection, Run DMC decided to bring their second favorite brand into the mix. Shown through lyrics like “I got a big long Caddy, not like a Seville” and “put me inside his Cadillac, the chauffeur drove off and we never came back”, there’s no doubt in my mind that the trio showed great love for the Cadillac brand as well. The collection consists of the Brougham, Eldorado, and the Fleetwood. All of which are named after models of the American luxury car company.

The main feature behind the Cadillac series is the elastic strap connecting the tongue to footbed on either side. This allowed Run, Jam Master Jay, and DMC to rock their kicks like they’ve always done: without the laces! But this time there’s no need to worry about your feet slipping out of those adidas. The sneakers also have a cleverly done trefoil on the tongue which is composed of many fine lines, resembling the grill of a Cadillac. The sneakers of the Cadillac series also seem to show great resemblance to Patrick Ewing’s personal shoe, the adidas Ewing, which was released just a year before. With only slight distinctions such as a cutback on the design of the sole and an increase in the amount of ribbing on the back, it can be assumed that the series is a branch off of the basketball player’s sneaker along with the Conductor, Attitude, and Rivalry models.

Unfortunately just years after the models were released, Run DMC began to lose a lot of their heat. Their album “Tougher than Leather” in 1988 strayed from the sound that made them famous. Then “Back from Hell” was released in 1990, which was considered a total flop. As the group faded over the years, so did the popularity of the Cadillac series.

It wasn’t until seventeen years after the initial release that the Cadillac series was brought back. But this time, the Fleetwood was also released in a fresh, low-top version as opposed to the original version which was one of the tallest models the company had ever produced. The retros are also suited up in a few vibrant colors of snakeskin. In this case it’s a bright red, but other colors include a deep blue and a calm brown. Similar colors can be seen painted on a classic Caddy (unfortunately without the snakeskin).

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol

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