PUMA Dakota


A funky little number, the PUMA Dakota is apparently part of PUMA’s City Series, though whether its name refers to one of the many cities or states of Dakota is a mystery.

In fact the word ‘Dakota’ is so widely spread that it can be anything from a brand name to a given name, various military vehicles to artistic endeavours such as films, DJs, songs, and even a Jazz club. Surely, though, PUMA didn’t name this trainer after an army bomber or a brass band, so the City Series is where it takes its claim.

We’ve seen a few different versions too, varying more than just their colorways, including an all grey drop that eerily lacked the formstripe (replaced with four diagonal lines of perforation punctures in a style quite kindred to the “other” German brother’s signature side wall structure) and a much more similar Dakota S that featured a nearly identical build where the white stripe was colored black instead. A white pair has also been spotted, sharing something with that of the Dakota S: a model name tag that hangs off the side wall proudly displaying its call sign.

Despite their differences, all of them appear to feature the funky zig zag laces that can also be seen on other releases from PUMA’s so-called “Linea Sportiva”, such as the Parma, Pressing, or Napoli.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol