adidas Pro Conference Hi

  • MADE ON: 11/12
  • ART.NO: G95974
  • FACTORY: EVM 004001

After over 25 years of hibernating, these polar bears are back in the breeze with a touch of age and some primary colored sleep marks. And lucky for us, they’ve stayed almost exactly the same besides some minor adjustments to the outsole and branding.

Although I’m not a fan of the false aging of shoes in order to create a vintage look, adidas has managed to not overdo it on this pack, leaving the midsole effected just enough to where it actually looks really nice against the pure white upper. A lot of the time, the aging is done to the point where it’s a dark yellow as if it’s been sitting in the sun for a hundred years. That’s just wack. Nobody wants shoes that look like they’ve gone old, but a little hint doesn’t hurt anybody.

With all of the Goldenrod accents and the streamlined design of the ribbed heel, this model makes me think of it as a modern day Porsche. And at the time of its release, this was the modern day sneaker, with the latest in sneaker technology and design. And decades later, it may not have the same fancy functions as the latest D Rose, but just like the Porsche, it’s always street ready and turning heads with its looks.

The golden rod accents coat everything from the sleek, rubberized stripes to the soft, sturdy heel lining. They also cover the ribbed heel, tongue lining, branding, and outsole. The only difference between the branding of today and the OG model is the miniature trefoil following the signature adidas on the eyestay reinforcement. The only other small modification I noticed was the removal of a break which occurs between the ridges on the outsole. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve done a great job with the preservation of its original look. Now that they’ve rereleased the high top version, I wonder if they’ll soon be releasing the low top version which was also successful back in the day.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol

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