mastermind JAPAN x adidas Gazelle OG

  • DESIGNED BY: mastermind JAPAN
  • MADE ON: 04/13
  • ART.NO: G95045
  • FACTORY: SHW 675001

As a sneaker community do we always expect the retro versions – especially the guest collaborator designed versions – to match up exactly with the classic structure of a shoe?

That’s a bit of the case with these adidas Gazelle OGs by the experienced Eastern design crew, mastermind JAPAN. In fact over here at eatmoreshoes we quite like ‘em but we’ve heard murmurs through the scene of so-called sneaker experts and connoisseurs that they weren’t exactly on-point.

With no one specific to come forward, we can only share the whispers we gleaned, which were largely concerned with the size of the out sole, being a bit thinner or thicker than that which is expected of an OG Gazelle. However, for us, as with many retros, being an exact replica is not quite the goal, and in fact especially in the case that a third party design house takes over we openly welcome subtle changes to see how the model can embrace a new set of nuances.

Same strange ‘cross’ pattern on the upper as on the Pro Models but where it wasn’t our favorite application there it seems actually quite nice on these. The heel’s not suspect though not so special either. Tongues are quite puffy under their tags, giving a bit more sense of comfort and luxury than we’d expected. And remainder of their anatomy falls inline with the rest of the pack; same classic laces, sockliner soaking with quality material and imprinted design, and some delicious extra bits like the bone-shaped lace jewels.

As a sort of after-thought finale, the red out sole pays homage to the original Hardland that mastermind JAPAN dropped with adidas Originals back in 2010, and it plays off pretty killer. A funny side-note for the most anal among us is that out of all the shoes from this recent pack only these Gazelle’s came with some fine tissue paper wrapped around them and stuffed within their toes, while the rest had something that felt as though there wasn’t so much love put into it. Must be a factory thing, but all the same, it seems that hits and misses of the pack could’ve been prevented with a bit more consistency all around.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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