Joint Neighborhood Celebration for BBB 2011 at No74 Soto and Trust

This week BBB 2011 hit Berlin and Torstrasse became the host for a Joint Neighborhood Celebration of fashion and style. The infamous adidas boutique, No74 Berlin, and it’s nearby neighbors Soto and Trust, threw a block party with complimentary drinks, tasty treats – sno cones topped with pop rocks – provided by Pippo’s, and music by Berlin DJs and ‘little suprises’.

The event was also marked by the release of the BBB x adidas Decade Hi which were sold in limited numbers to represent the ten year celebration of Berlin’s Bread and Butter fashion week.

We arrived at the event a bit after it began and many party people were already drinking refreshments and grooving to the hip hop and R & B jams that the on-street DJs were playing. Adults, teens, and even young kids were hanging around on the sidewalk in the sun, browsing the shops, showing off their latest gear, and talking excitedly about the events to come for the rest of the week.

Kudos to No74 Berlin, Soto, and Trust for making this beautiful and relaxing event happen!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Harold Kohn

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