PUMA Unknown


If people say that PUMA can’t make runners then this pair of vintage trainers will certainly prove them wrong.

Comfortable as all hell, the removal insoles are arched up in the middle, giving a very supportive feel. The upper itself – a synthetic or suede material, it’s hard to actually tell for sure – is soft to the touch and combined with their inner fuzzy lining the overall feel is great. Contrasting the soft gooey above parts is an incredibly sturdy heel skeleton and variable density sole unit, simplistic from the side with diamond-shaped traction patterning underneath, arching up just slightly on the toe.

The entire cut and shape is quite unique actually, featuring a formstripe that tucks into the heel hit as usual, but there’s a sort of side strip that goes against and underneath the white curve, throwing the eyes for a loop. The large-than-normal perforations in the toe box are attractive too, giving not so much just a sporty feel, but a bit of free-spirit humility to the pair. They’re certainly down to earth.

No markings other than the size information underneath the black and white PUMA cat patterned sockliner, it’s a total mystery to us where these came from, when they we remade, and what they’re even called!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol