• ART.NO: 1176

An arguably ugly duckling of a shoe, but still viably one that tells some history about the brand.

First thing that I noticed about this shoe besides the massively over perforated upper and extra chunk D-rings was how familiar that almost orthopedic looking outsole was. Quite similar to that of the Pelé Granat, the thick (rubber or foam) white mass supports the foot fantastically, especially in the center. Although the pair I tried on was a little big and I can’t give a full assessment of their comfort, I would say that their heels are quite supportive like the Pelé Granat though the tongue style often cuts into one’s ankles.

An all-white upper isn’t so avant-garde, especially when these were released (likely sometime pre-2000) though unfortunately we can’t know for sure as they are void of any markings, numbers, or clues as to their place or time of production. All we know is the model name, Reno, leading to be likely one of the City Series shoes. That, and the fact that they’ve a quality leather upper that will definitely hold up under some beatings, even if the colorway won’t.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

  • Wyspa

    It was my first true-brand shoe. It was in 1986….. What a lovely memories! Since then I haven’t seen it!