PUMA Schattenboxen

  • MADE ON: 12/03
  • ART.NO: 341091 01

These yet-to-be-named women’s boxing boots are one of PUMA’s creations from the early 2000s, and they certainly hold their own ground in a fight.

Quality white leather with a blood red suede Formstripe stretching across their lateral and medial sides, the overall design is smooth, simple, and majestic. Nicely cut collar at the top with a low back thats led up to by a thin leather strip and pull tab for a easier on and off of ‘em. Their inner lining is comfortable and well perforated and the tongue has a wonderfully rounded shape, embroidered with their logo in a matching red.

Besides the pair pictured here (which is relatively unknown even with a hefty web search) we’ve also seen a couple other colorways such as a white on black pair, and the infamous white on blue pair complete with gold foil spelling out their (potential) model name: Schattenboxen. Literally translated to mean “Shadow Boxing”. What a fucking cool name!

Finer details include the good foil branding on their lateral sides and super long eyestay strips that feature thirteen slits for the laces to slide through. There’s also a lace stay in the tongue to keep it in place though we’ve opted out from doing that up here. Funny part is that the eyestay strips are two piece… wonder if that was a production problem to build them out of one piece.

But the truly funny story here lies in the hidden details; the three leather vertical stripes sliding down behind the Formstripe. Can anyone say brotherly copyright infringement? Cheeky PUMA, cheeky.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol