PUMA Indoor


Yet another pair from PUMA’s past that is void of any markings, any clues, or any easily explained historical references.

Quite obviously an indoor trainer, thanks to the clear model name printed on the lateral sides in bright red ink, the PUMA Indoor is otherwise a complete mystery to us. We’ve spent some time digging for answers but as of now we know close to nothing. No birthdate, no box, and no ideas if the shoes were re-released later on or were in fact a one time production.

We do, however, know their birthplace of Yugoslavia, which most likely puts their production around the mid ’70s as that was a typical time that PUMA chose to have their trainers manufactured there. Even judging just by the photos one can probably see the quality in the materials and build. Solid sole unit, sturdy leather upper, and fine craftsmanship put into the softer toe and heel patches. Design is straight-forward enough, appealing to a large number of athletes (at the time of release) or casual wearers (these days), though to be honest I still don’t favor the vertical stitching that cuts through the silhouette like an after-thought.

Critiques and history spells aside, these Yugoslavian-made PUMA Indoor’s are quite the unique find, considering the curved, tooled out sole edges and the funky overlapping of layers on the heel. We’ve been more than happy to add them to our archive and we’ve more eager to see if any other PUMA purists out there can add to their story in the comments section below.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol