SemiDomesticated Show & Sell 5: Funky Fresh Recap

Berlin Bread and Butter (BBB) 2011 was a hectic yet fruitful blast, running through the week with friendly events and killer parties. Mid week eatmoreshoes attended the Joint Neighborhood Celebration at No74, Soto, and Trust, and then later that same night the opening party for the SemiDomesticated Show & Sell #5, aptly named Funky Fresh, popped off at the Mind Pirates.

The event was primarily a pop-up boutique offering vintage, recycled, and up-cycled goods by dealers and designers collected by SemiDomesticated’s two top ladies, Anette K. Hansen and Deidre Ritsche. Among the other vintage goods, carefully displayed in an old, stand up, ‘claw’ arcade game console, was a slew of vintage adidas kicks, contributed by eatmoreshoes. We showed off our adidas Connector Hi, adidas Jazz, adidas Handball Super Hi, and an Ewing II Rivalry.

Four days of vintage browsing ended in a huge hip hop, R & B, and dance party in the basement of Mind Pirates with various musicians including Puzzle and Lando Kal. The dancing, drinking, and fun went late into the next day and happy party goers biked home as the sun was rising in Berlin.

A big congratulation goes out to SemiDomesticated for putting on a very memorable series of events!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Harold Kohn

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