PUMA Trinomic XT2 Plus

  • MADE ON: 07/13

It’s make it or break it time for PUMA and they’re pulling out all the stops to stay afloat, releasing not only the 1990 XT1′s but their XT2 counterparts as well.

With all the upgrades and versioning that goes on in the sneaker industry it’s incredibly hard to keep track of the differences (or hopefully improvements) between one drop and the next. Add a few letters to a model name (if the brand’s feeling generous then maybe even an entire word) or simply stack some roman numerals on the end and presto: the new pair are better than the last.

Sadly that’s not always the case though and even more depressing is the fact that sometimes there aren’t really such significant changes between one pair and the supposedly-upgraded next.

Holding PUMA’s recently revived Trinomic XT1 Plus and XT2 Plus side by side we heave a sigh of relief in seeing quite a few quality upgrades to the model.

First of all, the shoes’ most notable characteristic is the level of techie tailoring that went into them. Appeasing, but certainly not the traditional or typical path for PUMA to take. Sharp lines, overlapping layers, distinguishing shapes, and textures that contrast the futuristic and the organic. Quite experimental in some ways especially when one considers they originally dropped in ’91.

Second, the largest difference between the models is the two exposed bits of Trinomic technology in the out sole (whereas there’s only one in the XT1). This may or may not actually be an increase in technology, but it visually appears as though it is, and until we hacksaw open a pair of XT’s we’ll just have to go on what we can see.

The next most obvious anatomical upgrade from the XT1 is the plastic heel brace. This added feature is obviously intent on applying more support and providing durability for a potentially longer-term use case.

And beyond that there are some smaller niche differences, such as the lack of a formstripe border color (at least on this particular colorway). Now these upgrades don’t come for free, as they’re a tad more expensive, sprinting in at the €120 mark (in Europe), which is a twenty bill over the clean €100 price tag on the XT1′s. Price aside (because who wants to talk about money when there’s sneakers around to discuss?) the funniest difference between the two is that the XT2 actually dropped first, a full week before the XT1.

Packaged in a fantastic vintage green box, these are as identical as it comes to the OG versions from way back when, so if you’re into vintage, but you can handle retro, then you better get your act in gear and grab a pair of these futuristic runners before they sell out from their October 1st drop date.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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