PUMA Heynckes-Comet


Once again we come across a pair of PUMAs which shares the same name and style of a model which has slight differences in its appearance.

We’ve previously featured a pair of West German made PUMA Heynckes-Comet’s but luckily now this variation has been unearthed for us to look over as well. Named after the famous Germany footballer Jupp Heynckes, who was one of PUMA’s key sponsors at the time, it was no real surprise that he was one of the selected few to have his own shoe model.

Although they share the majority of their similarities with the earlier Heyncknes-Comet reviewed, their build, shape, and details are just as alike to a pair of PUMA Jeans we’ve also covered (which also happens to be made in West Germany like the other Heynckes-Comet mentioned). The features of their shape, form, sole, Olympic logo, and even top-piece section is identical to that of the Jeans. The only difference being their colourway.

While there are no manufacturing details with this pair it’s fair to say they would’ve been made in West Germany like other models of their time. And like other models which were stamped with the Olympic symbol, it’s likely that they were produced at a time to tie in with the one of the games which featured the German footballer.

A shoe that was popular amongst the ’80s casuals and terrace cultures for their simplicity and clean aesthetics, they’re a style of shoe that’s currently missing from PUMA’s modern range. It’s a shame too, as they’re deserving of a retro, especially at a time when other shoes from the same era are making a comeback.

written by Professor B

photography by errol