Deluded Monkey T-Shirt Contest

We’re back at it again, launching a new contest via our Instagram page where you can win one of four designs by underground sneaker kingpin, Deluded Monkey.

Or if you’re lucky, who knows, maybe you’ll win all four. Though it’d be a tough task to wear the rewards, as we’ve got two designs in size L, one in size XXL, and a final one in size M.

All of the shirts were designed by Deluded Monkey, and if the name is new to you but you’re into trainers, then please check out his website for some more information and links to his social platforms. We will say this though: he’s a top tier collector and trainer connoisseur who’s got a myriad of vintage pairs under his belt in a variety of sizes and from quite a few brands.

As for the shirts, one of our favorites is the classic ‘text’ shirt design, showing off a generally agreeable sneaker slogan against a red base: “We eat, sleep, walk, talk, breathe, dream, live, and love sneakers.” That’s followed by two simplistic and clean Deluded Monkey branded shirts, one “10th Anniversary” tee in white and another, winged trainer one in green. And finally there’s a tan tee with a yellow “sneakers” logo, probably the most ‘cartoony’ of the four.

If you dig what you see then jump on over to our Instagram and get to it! The steps to enter are easier than lacing up your kicks: like the photo of the shirt (or shirts) you want, and then re-share the image (or images) with the #EMSCOMP2 hash-tag. And don’t forget to follow @eatmoreshoes!

There’s no time to lose considering that the contest ends on November 30th, 2013!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

T-shirts contributed by Deluded Monkey

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    Doh! I missed this. I like that red one!