adidas Hamburg

  • MADE ON: 06/13
  • ART.NO: D65192
  • FACTORY: SHW 675001

2014 came up quick, and it has many gifts in store. One of its greatest gifts in the sneaker world is the reissue of adidas’ miniature monument to the great North German city: the adidas Hamburg.

This obscure model is a product of the City Series of the 1970s. The mission was to create models to commemorate some of the greatest cities of Europe. Some of these models became hits, thus they’ve already been brought back, such as the adidas London or the adidas Vienna. Others were soon tossed into the shadows and haven’t seen the light of the adidas factories in years, such as the Hamburg or the Köln.

The sad part is that it appears to be one of the few trainers in the series which diverged from the rest. And I’m not talking about its dark navy and toffee colorway. I’m talking about how it holds both a more defined toe trim and distinctive midsole. The majority of the silhouettes lounging in the City Series seem to withhold differentiating from one of two basic shapes you will see in the collection; those with the reinforced toe boxes and those without. Examples of “those with” would be the Rom and Copenhagen. They maintain their unique terraced outsole and their slim hardened toe. Examples of “those without” would be the Berlin and Dublin. All of which maintain similar structures from their leveled soles to the trim at their toes. While the Hamburg appears to resemble “those without”, it still lies in its own breed because it simply doesn’t partake in their motifs.

Having a model that is both from a prestigious series and that holds a unique factor is something rare. And I have no doubt that feet will be quarreling to get their hands on a pair of these once they’re rereleased.

written by Kyle Zemborain

photography by errol