adidas ZXZ 930

  • MADE ON: 06/13
  • ART.NO: D67649
  • FACTORY: PYV 702001

Receiving more hate than love mostly due to their companion colorway of “chalk”, “rhythm” yellow, and “aluminum”, these more appropriately colored ZXZ 930s haven’t been give a proper review for their 2014 debut.

The most immediately interesting aspect of the shoe is the mesh-like tooling that can be found on the toe box, tongue, and heel areas. Obviously meant to mimic and pay homage to the age-old midsole texture known as the ‘Dillinger web’, adidas chose to apply the same stylish personality to the rest of the shoe. Definitely a controversial move that won’t hold true as a genius design move by everyone, but regardless of one’s personal tastes the decision definitely spells ‘daring’ when it comes to trying something new with the very ancient (and quite familiar) ZX family.

Speaking of the family, this mutant model might confuse some folks out there. First of all, it’s an obvious tribute to the ZX 930, not just by the name, but upon comparison one can see quite a lot of distinct similarities between these modern day runners and their distance relatives born in 1988. You can see this most prevalent in the cut of the upper’s outer wall that makes up the toe box and forward sides of the shoe, as well as in the shapes and styles of the eyelet area.

What’s most drastically different is the heel and sole unit, the latter of which is inherited from the typical ZXZ anatomy, hence the naming combination. Other influences could be (carefully and unofficially) attributed to the legendary designer, Kazuki Kuraishi, as we can see these ZXZ 930′s subtle design touches and ultra elegant colorway lead themselves to his tradition. And the heel pull tab (done in a twisted M. C. Escher-esque style) is definitely something that adidas may have gathered from looking at KzK releases over the past half of a decade.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol