adidas Equipment Running C

  • MADE ON: 06/13
  • ART.NO: M22555
  • FACTORY: APE 779001

In adidas’ Equipment Running shoes (formally known as EQT releases) the ‘C’ stands for ‘cushion’, so you can imagine that this retro pair was carefully created with comfort in mind.

Born in the ’90s and based on the Torsion bar sole technology, the adidas Equipment (or EQT) line of trainers can very well be seen as the sequel to the ZX family. Of course, the ZX pairs returned at some point, continuing to multiply and grow with new model names and innovative upgrade silhouettes, but the branching off of the EQT series was an important turning point in adidas history that will never be forgotten by fans of the brand.

And apparently it hasn’t been forgotten by the brand themselves either, as they’ve produced pairs for 2014 that not only include these adidas Equipment Running C’s but also an Equipment Running S as well (with the ‘S’ standing for ‘support’). This resurgence of the classics doesn’t come as a surprise though, as over the last two years (2012 through 2013) adidas has been busy digging up, rebuilding, and dropping a wide variety of their older running relics.

The black, “running” white, and “carbon” pair pictured here was also accompanied by a much lighter, white, red, and grey pair. While their colorways vary completely, both feature the final attribute to their release names – ’91 OG – which can only be a tip of the hat to their original birthdate of 1991. The ‘OG’ moniker in the model name is there to infer that adidas has made all possible attempts in recreating the runners identical to their OG version, down to every last detail.

Whether they’ve done it or not isn’t something that we believe can simply be decided by an online magazine such as ourselves, but it’s ultimately a question for the consumer (or better yet, collector) among us all. So tell us, avid runner-lover readers; did the Trefoil tribe succeed with this latest resurrection?

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol