adidas Metro Attitude Star Wars

  • MADE ON: 07/10
  • ART.NO: G17449

Stars Wars collaborated with adidas to create the franchise-inspired Metro Attitude. The shoe was made to represent one of Star Wars’ most visually unappealing, yet hugely popular villains – Jabba the Hutt – and for this reason it’s an interesting and truly diverse shoe.

A mixture of various greens, the shoe’s main upper, tongue, and toe box are wrinkled forest green to look like Jabba’s skin. The lower heel, side stripes, eyelet runways, and toe box edges are composed of a firmer, rippled teal green.

The main heel is built of a key lime green, foam posit, embossed with the trefoil logo in a golden brown. Matching eyelets and trim on the tongue and heel add to the brown and green theme. This motif is again featured in chunky accents on the grey outsole.

Jabba’s portrait – depicted in two shades of green – is stitched to the tongue and his crew’s symbol is embossed in dark red on the outer side of the heel. The lace jewels are gold and engraved with the word ‘GANGSTA’. Like most of the first series Star Wars x adidas shoes these have a textured insole that is extremely smooth and comfortable. The shoe itself is very sturdy, having some serious thickness and weight to it. It definitely feels more like a boot than a basketball shoe.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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