adidas Strider “Red Dice”

  • MADE ON: 01/10
  • ART.NO: G12189

Nicknamed the ‘Red Dice’ Strider, this flashy shoe draws inspiration from gambling and casinos, and was released as a part of the Game Pack. Featuring elements of 1984 styling, these shoes incorporate material and design in a unique way that is reminiscent of a Consortium release. Despite their refined looks these kicks have their roots in basketball and are surprisingly firm and supportive for physical action.

The majority of the shoe comprises of a soft red leather, against which, is a dark, maroon print, depicting the dice signage from which it derives its name. The stripes, side panels, and lower trim around the toe box are encased in a glossy, semi-transparent, red layer, which creates translucent lenticular effects. Gold and white accents decorate the shoe vividly on the side panel, heel patch trim, and eyelets, as well as the side stripes’ upper perforated edges.

The heel of the shoe reads the words ‘PASS LINE’ in vertical, white lettering, making direct reference to the game of craps. A large red and white die is stitched to the tongue displaying the number ’3′, referencing the adidas branding.

The innersole is mostly wine red with colorful dice printed on it. The red outsole is bordered by a maroon tread with a white waffle grip cup in the forefoot. The shoes come with maroon laces to match the ankle collar trim and a pair of red and white adidas craps dice in a royal blue package.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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