adidas Superstar Vin Lux

  • MADE ON: --/06
  • ART.NO: 659825

The adidas Superstar Vintage is an extremely well-known silhouette and for good reasons. Once released as a re-issue on the Originals line, adidas began moving this classic basketball model to a more casual position, providing a variety of styles, colorways, and collaborations over the years following its original 1969 release. Characteristics of the Superstar Vintage itself that set it apart from the other upgrades of the model are the number of eyelets (8), thin, soft, wide tongue, organic shelltoe patterning (instead of the newer, x-based patterning), and thin, logo-less heel patch.

Occasionally adidas Originals will put out their best models in a Lux upgrade, meant to signify that the silhouette has been particularly reworked to provide a luxury fit and feel. Consumers and collectors alike can expect to receive a product made of high quality materials and designed with a classic twist.

Pictured here is a 2006 release of the adidas Superstar Vintage Lux, wrapped in a synthetic grey, brown, and red camouflage upper (coined by adidas as “bone, loam, and metallic gold”). Dark grey leather side stripes and heel patch, rubber outsole and shell toe, and tough vintage-style laces blend well with the camo patterning. The tongue and leather eyelet strips are done in a dark brown, and the sockliner is a light, bright tan that matches the ventilated insole branded with the adidas name in gold lettering. The model name also appears in gold lettering, as is typical for the Superstar Vintage, on the outer side of each shoe, after the third side stripe and just before the iconic triangular stitching that this retro release is known for.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol