Crooked Tongues London BBQ 2011

If you’ve never heard of Crooked Tongues then you’ve likely been living on the moon for the last decade. And if you’ve never attended a Crooked Tongues BBQ then you’re missing out on one of the grander occasions in the English sneaker scene. The events are easily the most eagerly awaited trainer meetups in the UK based on Crooked Tongues’ long standing popularity and influence on the scene.

This year’s BBQ took place in London’s trendy Shoredtich at the famous Queen of Hoxton pub. The party took up two floors, each with their own DJ, and sprawled out onto the roof garden as well. Food was provided for those who showed up early and drinks flowed all night for the late-comers.

As always the event was roadblocked and the queue was huge. Entrance was stricter than ever, requiring that all guests have photo ID that matched the name on their tickets. Tickets themselves sold out rapidly online, and buyers were asked for their shoes sizes for a “Today I’m Wearing” competition at the Crooked Tongues BBQ. Contestants were asked to Tweet their soles via camera or cameraphone during the event for a chance to win something special.

The event was a blast and a huge success. We happily wish Crooked Tongues prosperity and success into the future as they round the bend into their next decade of liveliness!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol