Foot Patrol x adidas Campus 80s B-Sides Launch Party

In 2007 Foot Patrol and adidas Originals collaborated on a series of Campus 80s that have yet to be forgotten. The recently released B-Sides series was created to revive past collaborations and remakes by revisiting them in a different perspective. Once again Foot Patrol and adidas Originals came together to work on the Campus 80s B-Sides, which has a dark blue suede upper, white stripes on the outside, and blue and black pony hair stripes on the inside.

The shoe was officially available for sale on Saturday the 17th of September, however Foot Patrol decided to throw a launch party on the Friday night before. Starting at 6PM and running until about 10PM, the tiny boutique housed about one hundred or so folks, most of whom were congregating out on the sidewalk due to the limited space, all there to show support for the boutique’s first collaboration since they re-opened their doors 18 months ago. Drinks were shared as people socialized and got a preview of the B-Sides drop before the official release day.

Foot Patrol’s Campus 80s were showcased in glass display cases, each containing one of the three original A-Sides kick on one side, the new 2011 B-Sides kick on the other, and a mirror fixed between them. The placement was so immaculate that one could view the shoes at angle and they appeared to blend together.

Welcome back to the circuit Foot Patrol, we’re glad to have you return and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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