adidas City Series

When most people talk about the adidas City series they tend to think about the last Consortium drop in 2009 or the retro London, Malmo, Kopenhagen, and Montreal releases that can be seen nowadays. It wouldn’t make sense to expect everyone to know that the original City series started in the early 70′s; half of the people buying the new City series weren’t even born at the time.

There were two parts of the City series, the first being the European City series and the second being the North American City series, which was later released throughout the late 70′s to the mid 80′s. The European models tend to be the most sought after out of the whole series. Many silhouettes were released, however the most popular models are the London, Dublin, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Rom, Malmo, Oslo, Stockholm, and the Paris.

The North American series featured models such as the New York, Montreal, Atlanta, LA Trainer, Miami, and the Dallas with the majority of them having multiple remakes since their initial release. There are still many models that some may never have heard of or seen and will probably be found locked up in collectors’ garages and lofts or hiding away under a ton of trainers in obscure vintage stores.

written by Joel Stoddart

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze and Will Clayton


    Great shots Errol! Since we spoke at length in early summer about many trainers of the past and present, i have purchased some real jems and holy grails…. OG red Jeans, Amsterdam, Rio, Oslo, probably 60 pair since we spoke in may, my wife is convinced i need some sort of therapy! Anyway, if you need anything give me a sout, keep up the good work, i love pieces like this, the pictures are saved in my ipad, so thanks……..

    Best wishes,

    Robbie Mac ;-)

  • Benji Blunt

    great pic

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    where can i buy ?

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