Benji Blunt x adidas Superstar 80s “Safaristar”

  • DESIGNED BY: Benji Blunt

Benji Blunt is a UK-based superstar enthusiast and hobbyist who has a natural talent for customizing sneakers. Among his favorite superstars – such as the 35th Anniversary Cities Series New York’s, White Eldridge’s, White Luker’s, Natural Gruen’s, and the BAPE’s from ’03 – is his own remake of the Superstar 80s, nicknamed the “Safaristar”.

The upper is a light grey covered in an organic skin pattern of darker grey specks. Tan stripes, tongue, and heel patch match the tan laces. The tongue displays a photo realistic, high contrast illustration of a jungle cat’s face, mouth open, growling or roaring at its prey. Benji’s signature and the shoe’s nickname “Safari” are written on the heel in black, just above the midsole.

When asked about his inspiration for the shoe, Benji stated:

I have done all sorts of designs like graffiti and characters, but really I just wanted a colorway and pattern that I would like to wear, that looked like some of the collabs that I like. Maybe something I could revisit on future shoes, but also because the pattern, logos and some of the techniques involved were things that I hadn’t done before, and that is motivation enough. Some of the other brands have some amazing patterns and colorways, things that I haven’t seen on a Superstar 80s.

The “Safaristar” colorway is done by hand with Angelus acrylic paint, though Benji uses oils as well. The kicks were created to wear, and the paint was layered on after proper preparation of leather, and finalized with an acrylic varnish that protects them from scuffing and from water damage.

Currently the shoes are not for sale, made exclusively for Benji’s custom collection. But who knows, he says he has yet to wear them and may put them on the market in the future!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

  • Benjiblunt

    Beautiful pictures Errol and kind words Dylan, thanks.

  • mr.spite

    a superb looking shoe!! top marks to Benj…

  • Sneakerphile

    Nice work Benji, quality pics Errol, top article Dylan.
    One day maybe one of my customs will grace your pages ;o)

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