adidas Conductor Hi “Olympics”

  • MADE ON: --/08
  • ART.NO: 017113

Patrick Ewing was known for his influences on and off the basketball court, especially when it came to the shoe scene. Thus it’s no surprise that even now his footprint remains standing against the test of time, still represented in releases by adidas Originals even years after he left the three stripes to start his own sports shoe venture. Best known for his Ewing Rivalry silhouette – which gave way to the adidas Ewing Conductor in ’87 – the great athlete left behind the inspiration for a simple, yet powerful model for known as the Conductor Hi.

In 2008 adidas Originals dropped two remakes of this well-known model, both inspired by the Olympic games. One of the remakes was a white and blue colorway paying homage to the ’88 Seoul Olympics, and the other was this black and multicolored version to represent the Olympic games logo.

The all black leather upper is decorated with six colored stripes on each side, representing the Olympic rings and the white background they’re displayed upon. The soles and heel pad patch are done in white, and an adidas trefoil is subtly embossed in black on lower part of the heel. Other branding includes a golden adidas tongue patch depicting a mixture of both the Olympic games torch and the trefoil logo. On the reverse side of the tongue another golden patch reads:

One flag, five rings, six Olympic colors, creatively utilized on one shoe.

These adidas Conductor Hi “Olympics” came with both white and black laces when new, yet sold out everywhere long ago, and now they’re surprisingly hard to find in deadstock condition. To all Conductor hungry b-ball fans beware: this particular make and model has been known to be faked to death by crooked factories and sold online!

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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  • Marina

    Today I talked to a guy who had the same and said he bought the shoes from Berlin … Can you tell me if you have these still shoes ? Or acon Hi-Tops? (in size 42).

  • Oliver Salazar Chang

    Maybe is too late but I have a pair of these. 42 2/3