Muhammad Ali Values Spirituality Track Top

  • DESIGNED BY: Usugrow
  • MADE ON: 08/07
  • ART.NO: 380612

The Muhammad Ali Values series was released in 2007 to illustrate a series of values that the famous athlete had believed in and lived by. Each value was given to a different artist who designed a pair of shoes, a t-shirt, and a track jacket. Usugrow – a Japanese designer – was given the value of ‘Spirituality’ and with it created the most clean and peaceful of all the Muhammad Ali Values releases.

Whether or not one considers the design clean, it can definitely be agreed that this track top is not easy to keep clean, made of almost entirely all white polyester. Even the side stripes running down the sleeves are left white, giving the jacket a chillingly calm presence. The snowy shell is broken up by the black collar, cuffs, and waistband, all screen printed with a thick white ink that leaves an abstracted, brush stroke style patterning, which swipes across them in a horizontal motion. The brush stroke theme is continued in the stark, yet beautiful line of black calligraphy that travels across the chest of the jacket, just above the two zippered breast pockets.

The typical icon of a Muhammad Ali Values track top – an embroidered adidas trefoil logo and the words ‘MUHAMMAD ALI’ – can be seen in black on the left breast pocket. Usugrow’s artist logo is embroidered in black on the lower right front pocket.

The main feature of all the Muhammad Ali Values track tops is the over-sized print that always dominates the back panel of the jacket. With Usugrow’s design this is no different; a giant swirling mess of ink gives way to an abstract portrait of Ali, eyes closed, in a relaxing, almost praying gait. The jacket is completed with a golden zipper pull tab donning the great athlete’s signature.

Usugrow also put out a pair of Stan Smith’s and a t-shirt to match this epic track top.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by Harold Kohn

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