Muhammad Ali Swayback Track Top

  • MADE ON: 12/06
  • ART.NO: 813076

For many years Muhammad Ali and adidas Originals have collaborate to create uniquely designed clothing and shoes for both casual and athletic wear. In 2006 the Muhammad Ali Swayback track top was released, designed to be a comfortable, yet durable, outdoor jacket to wear when the winds grow cold and crisp.

The clean and understated design is largely due to the quiet colorway, a mixture of tans in three different shades. The main shell of the jacket, comprised of a cotton and polyester mix, is a darker tan contrasted by a much lighter tan on the insides of the collar, front pocket edges, waistband, and cuffs. Bright, almost golden, tan piping accents the jacket, running from the armpits down the chest to the waistband, alongside the zipper. The same highlight color is used again in the sleeve stripes.

A large golden tan embroidery is showcased on the back of the jacket, depicting an illustration of Muhammad Ali, decked out in his boxing garb, poised in a fighting stance, a butterfly to the his right, a bee to his left, and the world floating behind him. His name, initials, and the trefoil logo appear beneath him, followed by a large scrawling version of his signature. The entire scene is framed by two more lines of gold piping, traveling from the armpits to the waistband.

The final touch is the interior lining of the jacket, also a golden tan, with a pattern of Muhammad Ali promotion words and images printed in dark brown. The jacket fits loose and large like most of his clothing created by adidas, and it is fairly thick and heavy making it a suitable fall jacket. Another colorway of the Muhammad Ali Swayback track top was released in black and gold as well.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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