adidas Vietnam TT

  • MADE ON: 07/08
  • ART.NO: E79157

In 2008 adidas Originals put out a line of track tops to represent various countries around the globe. Among these releases were the Wales TT as well as this Vietnam TT. Their colorways and design details differ immensely, just as the countries themselves do, however all of the jackets share common structural features, such as an adidas trefoil and country symbol on the front breasts, as well as a large, colorful embroidery on the back inspired by the represented cultures.

For the Vietnam track top a black, red, and gold colorway was used, the main body of the jacket being black and the details done in red with gold accents. The side stripes going down both sleeves are red, as well as the Vietnam flag on the right breast. The flag’s star and the adidas trefoil on the left breast are embroidered in gold.

The back of the jacket depicts a large red and gold emblem showing a star to represent the Communist Party of Vietnam. Below this symbol appears a large circular gear surrounded by crops, symbolic of the cooperation between agriculture and industrial labor. Underneath all of this is a red banner marked with the countries name: “Vietnam”.

This unique Vietnam track top has a large loose fit and is built with two lower front pockets for carrying of personal items.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol