adidas Barcelona Track Top

  • MADE ON: 06/06
  • ART.NO: 594139

The Barcelona track top was created as a part of the City series that adidas Originals released in 2006. The small fitting, medium weight series of track jackets was produced to represent various cities around the world. Barcelona is well known for its contributions of commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts, and being the second largest city in Spain it’s clear why adidas Originals have chosen it as one of their targets for the City series.

The all black, half cotton, half polyester track jacket is decorated with the typical sleeve stripes in a basic red color that matches the Barcelona logo on the right breast, contrasted by the city text standing out in yellow thread. On the left breast the adidas trefoil is subtly embroidered in a dark blue, quite hard to see from a distance, and keeping the main focus of the jacket on the city, not the sports brand.

Its main attraction however is the large multicolored print on the back showing off a red and yellow block letter graphic of the city name, followed by a blue and red city map that points out locations of interest. Below this is a small blue and white adidas trefoil logo next to a dark blue blurb stating:

In 1970 Barcelona City Urban Developers proposed the “Plan 2000″. The idea behind the plan was to present solutions for the city’s increasing traffic problems and the future of the city’s overall growth.

The Barcelona track jacket has quite a small fit, very similar to the Tokyo track top that is also part of the 2006 City series, though despite this it is relatively warm and thick, suitable for wear in not so sunny conditions. For collectors, althletes, and casual consumers alike, this is a great choice for anyone who is a fan of Barcelona.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol