adidas Bavaria Hi

  • ART.NO: 038441

The adidas Bavaria Hi is a hard to find, vintage trekking boot made for outdoor climbs and mountaineering, but still produced by the Originals line for that casual look and comfortable feel. The mostly olive, soft leather upper is mildly highlighted with rust colored side stripes. Another bit of this dull red appears beneath the top two metal lace loops. The rest of the ankle is constructed of a grey and black mesh like synthetic weave, covering the thick, soft, black padded sockliner.

Being an outdoors shoe, it’s no suprise that both the heel and toe are reinforced, the former given a double layer of leather lined on the sides with rising waves of the black rubber midsole, and the latter covered in a textured rubber cup, also extending up from the mid sole. The black rubber outsole is heavy and well textured for grip while traversing through rough, rocky terrains.

The grey synthetic tongue is branded with the adidas “Adventure” slogan embossed into a tan leather tag and covered with vintage olive laces. When worn, the shoe provides great support in the roll of the forefoot (downstep) as well as great stability in the heel, giving the wearer a sturdy, sure sense of their step. Packaged in a vintage-style, royal blue, adidas Orginals shoe box, these Bavaria Hi mountaineering boots are sure to be a keeper if they ever pop up in your size.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

  • Bobbymccartenlfc

    Love the colourway and shape of these, the toebox sulking like a deepsea fish…. Yet more outstanding photo work from Errol too ;-)

  • Petersnik

    where are they selling the bavaria hi and low.