adidas Safety Camo Track Top

  • MADE ON: 09/08
  • ART.NO: E88309

The adidas Safety collection includes clothing and shoes that take a lot of design ideas from outdoor gear and apparel and applies them to more casual-wear items. Many releases from the Safety collection make heavy use of design aspects such as camouflage or 3M material, as well as various extra pockets or other utility-based constructions. When the collection was first released it was exclusively available at JD Sports stores, but now the articles can be found for sale online as well.

For their Safety collection releases in 2008, adidas Originals dropped this camouflage track top in various grey (“snow”) colors, to help fans of the three stripes hide amongst the backdrop of a urban setting. While the track may seem quite simple on first look, it’s actually equipped with four front pockets for carrying personal items, instead of the typical two that most adidas track jackets come built with.

Consumers can clearly see the utility intended by adidas Originals for such a piece of clothing in this ‘getaway’ video that was dropped to show off the collection. Take a look at how the lead character uses the clothing to increase his chances and tip the odds in his favor. Obviously this jacket – as well as other clothing and shoes from the adidas Safety collection – can be worn for fashion as well as function.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

  • jasmijn

    are the safety shoes with hard nose really meant for working in construction… are they safe. I still have these safety shoes new in the box and want to use them during contruction work. Or should I buy real safety shoes…would be cool if you know the answer!