PUMA Jetter


The PUMA Jetter is a vintage running silhouette released between the 1970′s and 1980′s, making it now extremely hard to come by. Since its original release, many variations of the Jetter have been produced, such as the PUMA Lady Jetter, PUMA Jetter SL, and the more modern PUMA Jetter Reflect. Considering that the PUMA Jetter SL-JR (a child’s version of the shoe) was produced in November of 1984, it’s safe to say the original PUMA Jetter was likely released prior to this time. Most of those earlier releases were found to be made in West Germany.

What sets the older Jetter apart from the newer remakes is mostly the sole, which was designed in various parts for different cushioning and weight support, and given a final touch of traction providing extra grip for the runner. As well, the vintage trainers had a more fragile and delicate upper, constructed of thin canvas and suede, and done in a variety of light blues highlighted with white and off-white detailing.

Another difference between the older PUMA Jetter and the more recently released Reflect upgrade is the way the model name and PUMA branding are displayed on the sidewall. The newer shoes show this on a tag while the older one’s carry the text directly printed into the upper itself in a way that is well-known among vintage silhouettes.

The Lady Jetter appears to only have one main feature that differentiates it from the Jetter and that’s the extra section added to the back of midsole near the heel. As well, The Reflect upgrade is built upon PUMA’s “R-System” cushioning, where as the older models were not given such a specific technology naming.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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