PUMA Clyde

  • MADE ON: --/90
  • ART.NO: C800R

The PUMA Clyde has long been a staple choice for trainer enthusiasts. Everything to do with the shoe is appealing, such as the shape, great choice of colours and, of course, the “cool” factor that comes with its namesake, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. PUMA knew they were onto a good thing when New York Knicks legend, Frazier, requested a wider fitting suede shoe. PUMA endorsed Frazier and the Puma “Clyde” was born.

The wide fit of the Clyde remains to this day and usually means that one should buy a pair half a size smaller than usual. Over the years, as PUMA has moved its factories around the globe, the Clyde has taken on various profiles and colourways. Each different design from a certain era adds to the appeal of the shoe with the early Yugoslavian models remaining the holy grails.

What we have here is a touch special in it own right. These “made in Taiwan” models from 1990, released for the Japanese market, have a few things that jump out at you from first impressions when you open the old white and green PUMA box. The first is the gum sole, the second is the “Clyde” in a cursive font. This gold signature is printed under the PUMA logo and has been used on 1970′s Yugoslavian-made Clyde’s and the more recent “Clydezilla” amongst others. The same font was also used on Clyde’s dating back to 1992-1994. The difference was that it was embroidered instead of stamped on like we see here. These Clyde’s were also Japan exclusives.

The tongue is foam padded and the tongue label laps over the top of the tongue. What better way to finish off than with a nice pair of skinny laces. I always think Clyde’s look better with thin laces and Suedes with fat laces. As for colourways, as far as I know, they were released in navy, green, and burgundy/dark red. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a black shoe released, but that’s just a feeling. The Made in Taiwan Clyde’s are always going to be highly regarded, especially when they look as good as they do.

written by Kevin John Hutt AKA Sheddy

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze

  • Roctopus

    Got a pair in green. Had them 20+ years