PUMA Red Star


Another sweet silhouette from PUMA’s good old days; the PUMA Red Star. Almost identical to the PUMA Blue Star, the low cut casual model is built from a thin, red suede upper as the name suggests, contrasted nicely on the textured gum outsole with white leather side stripes, laces, and soft foam tongue. The firm, leather sockliner is also colored white and the PUMA branding repeats itself in green print on the white insole.

This classic is from the days when all shoes weren’t outsourced to China and Vietnam, being made with care in Italy. The pair proudly boasts their model name, written on the outer side wall above the white stripes in gold lettering. These made in Italy PUMA Red Star’s weren’t the only Red Star’s the cougar company dropped on sneaker heads, but in fact other vintage releases of the model exist as well, such as the made in West Germany’s which feature a different style tongue showing off the PUMA logo in white, green, and black.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze

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