Crepe City 5 Recap

Crepe City 5 went off with a bang in Shoreditch’s spacious Bar Music Hall. Over a couple hundred people rammed around the central bar island to get in from the rain and take a look at the stock laid out. Stalls were set up on and around the bar as well as on either side, with a DJ stage to the right playing Hip Hop to keep the crowd grooving. At the very back were tables and people having lunch. The bar was open so many were enjoying a sunday pint whilst looking around.

Everything from sneakers and t-shirts to customised jumpers and glittery lace jewels was on show and out for sale. Even Darren Bent (the Aston Villa and England striker) was there with his leg encased as he was about to have surgery in London to repair ruptured ligaments in his left ankle.

There was however hardly any adidas or PUMA gear on stock, and a group of trefoil nuts expressed their disappointment but stated they still enjoyed the event itself. Overall the event was very busy, very loud, and felt like an all round success.

written by Gary Morrisroe

photography by Gary Morrisroe