PUMA First Round S

  • MADE ON: --/11
  • ART.NO: 181980 21

PUMA’s well known First Round is all about comfort. A mixture of leather, synthetics, and textile, the shoe fits slim and feels incredibly light against the foot. The well padded ankle collar adds to this state of comfort, though it also provides the illusion of support, an area in which the shoe is quite lacking – being that it’s so thin – especially in the toebox and side walls.

The so-called “snorkel” blue and white colorway gives these kicks a clean and classic look, making them quite appealing for those who want to keep a quiet appearance but still appreciate a bit of color in their clothing. Their tongues are especially fun, providing the wearer to easily keep ‘em loosely popped without a fight, whereas many high top basketball shoes sport overly stiff tongues that never seem to sit where they’re wanted. The only confusing detail about these high tops is that the box states they’re a First Round S while the side of shoe bears the gold lettering “First Round EX”. Go figure.

Their matching blue laces leave something to be desired as they don’t sport the same soft quality that the upper of the sneaker does, however their tough makeup certainly leads to longer life and stronger knots. Overall this 2011 re-release of the PUMA First Round is a quality choice for chillin’ around the crib, but it may not be a shoe recommended for any intensive recreational activity (such as running from an explosion or breaking out of prison).

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

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