PUMA Clyde Easter

  • MADE ON: --/06
  • ART.NO: 182104 01

The softest nubuck ever was a perfect choice for these lavender purple, Easter Clydes. A bit of pastel green springs from the heel spot, and the colorway sprouts organically off the all white outsole. And if you don’t dig these purps, there are two other colorways (green and yellow) from the pack to choose from.

In addition to the bright yet relaxing colorway, tattoo artist Cubanbee throws his fingers into springtime play with Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s namesake, touching the outer heel walls with an active bunny illustration embroidered in silver thread.

What might be the only possible downside of these holiday trainers is the shape; some Clyde molds produce a pointed, circular toe box, but these Easters’s error is the boxy, square-shaped toe box. Another important shape detail to note is the banana like outsole, arching up the toe when the heel sits flat, allowing the shoe to rock a bit more with each step. For some this may be a benefit but for those that are used to the fully flat footprint of the PUMA Clyde it may come as an unwelcome surprise.

Despite the above-mentioned anatomy quirks, it’s no doubt that the 2006 PUMA Clyde Easter Pack was a brave and luxurious move by the company with the big cat. Whether or not the shoes are for everyone is the question.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol