PUMA Unlimited Hi NM

  • ART.NO: 34632504

First impression of these shoes is one of relaxed comfort. They’ve a snug fit, as one can expect from a skate shoe, and supply a roomy toebox for those wide-footed folks out there. Their stiff ankle collars allow for easy slip-on and off wear without retying the laces.

The design of the PUMA Unlimited Hi may not be news to some, but for those firsttimers out there it’s important to note that this model has an incredibly ‘flat’ upper. Most of the paneling is quite thin and laid nearly flush against its neighboring layers. Adding to this aesthetic is the black stitching which looks almost drawn onto the tan-colored leather. This detailing looks particular cheap around the five central eyelets, where the cluster is encircled with stitches onto the white textile side wall. The tan leather bits also lack in texture, feeling much more like weathered cardboard than something one would actually appreciate to have on their feet all day.

Despite the lack of depth in the design, PUMA did hit the nail on the head when deciding to release these kicks with fat, flat laces looped up through their eyelets. This completely ties in with the psuedo-skateshoe personality of these Unlimited Hi NM’s, and adding to that the puffy, wide tongue is easy to pop out giving these big cat high tops a casual, laidback presence that many might appreciate.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol