adidas Vienna (Made in Yugoslavia)

  • ART.NO: 3040

These Yugoslavian-made adidas Vienna’s were released as a part of the European City Series in the 1970′s. Each shoe represented a different city and their colorways as well as silhouettes varied. As for the Vienna, being the capital of Austria, its colorway reflects the red and white that appears in the city’s flag and coat of arms.

Shoes from this series quickly became popular among trainer collectors and connoisseurs, and it ultimately served as a fashionable shoe for casual wear. However, the firm, hard, corrugated rubber soles make it obvious this was an outdoor shoe, not made for court sports, but instead developed for rough terrain. Beyond great traction the trainers also provide ample durability in the reinforced toe box, which is covered in both an extra leather layer and a raised hard rubber bit of the outsole. The super thin leather tongue is stitched with an oval shaped bit of breathable fabric in the middle, just underneath the branding.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze

  • big C

    hi,my name is carlos im from nyc. my question is are there more shoes on this style but with different strips of colors

  • big C

    the sneakers that im refering to is adidas vienna made in yugoslaviaseries; europiancity series art nujmber;3040

  • big C

    also, sL72 vintage made in vietnan art nunber;909495

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  • Anonymous

    Indeed there were: blue striped model ROM

  • Jan

    Hello friends,
    my questions … where i can order this sneaker ( Adidas Vienna ) ???
    i need US. 8
    can someone help me?

  • Jan

    …sorry, i need US. 8,5
    UK. 8
    FR. 42

  • ice03

    Had this shoes before and its awesome :-)

  • Jaybee

    Can someone tell what is meant by silhouette when talking about Adidas trainers?

  • kyle

    Where can I purchase a pair of these? Email me at

  • thelad

    Shape of them. Imagine seeing a shadow of the shoe, this is the silhouette.

  • Anonymous

    Close to the original but the sole is wrong, the 70′s ones had zig-zag patterns down the length with circles on the ball of the big toe.