PUMA Roma (Made in Italy)


PUMA’s always had a knack for pushing out well underplayed and tastefully subtle products from day one, and these vintage Roma’s are no exception to that long-lived rule. Originally released to celebrate the National Italian Football Team that won the 1968 European Cup, the shoes have since then been re-released in various colorways and given birth to the upgrade known as the PUMA Roma 68 Vintage.

Reissued in 2003 with a colorway inspired by the Italian football team Lazio Rom, the newer models began featuring the main addition of suede around the ankle collar. And then in 2008 the cats dropped the PUMA Roma 68 Pack, consisting of four different colorways, all once again paying homage the original from 1968 (hence the upgrade name, PUMA Roma 68).

The OG pair pictured here presents itself with some nice two tone blue shades against its off-white upper, bringing out a sort of calm that many modern trainers have a hard time achieving with their frequently excessive – sometimes even neon – color palettes, and often gaudy patent leather or otherwise reflective surface materials. PUMA’s design keeps it as simple as can be, but doesn’t ignore the littlest details; even matching the color of the rear wall stitching to the sky blue in the form stripes.

Pairs this old (likely from the 1970s, but unlabeled and without a box, therefore hard to confirm) might be pretty to look at, but over time they can suffer some serious symptoms of time and material age, requiring repairs such as the re-gluing of their outsoles. If you’re lucky enough to nab up a vintage pair in your size, be sure to treat ‘em nice and gentle, and have your local cobbler’s number on hand.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze