• DESIGNED BY: Crooked Tongues
  • MADE ON: --/07
  • ART.NO: 344188 03

If you’ve ever held a box labeled ‘from the PUMA archive’ then you know the special feeling you get when you’re about to open a treasure chest (or at least the trainer lover’s equivalent of one). As for the Crooked Tongues and PUMA collaboration on the infamous Clyde in 2007, the contents of its red, compact, archive box literally shine through in bright, rich colors when the lid is lifted.

There’s no doubt about it, the PUMA Clyde CT is a summer shoe from toe to heel. Sure, it can be rocked in spring as well, but with heat such as these on your feet you’ll be drawing some serious envy in the summertime humidity, and we all know that jealousy and excessive sweating go hand in hand. But rest assured that with a pair of Crooked Tongues’ “persimmon” orange and “lemon drop” yellow Clyde’s on your feet you’ll be dryer and cooler than Walt Frazier himself.

Completed with a grey stripe and matching laces, the shoes show off a smart – and brave – design sensibility from the CT crew, as mixing grey with orange and yellow would likely not be a first thought for many when designing a fresh feelin’ trainer. However the combo certainly works, and to anticipate various styling preferences the shoes not only come with sweet fat laces, but three colors of them, for mixing and matching the colorway like a pro.

As always, Crooked Tongues leaves us with a touch of something special, hidden away underneath the tongue itself. Printed onto the insole, just below the toebox is the wise and mildly aggressive threat “wack lacing is killing your shoes”. Below that near the heel Crooked Tongues leaves their name, the shoe name, and the number three in larger, colorful print.

If you love Clyde’s and appreciate Crooked Tongues then you’d better get cracking quick, as you’ve only limited time before the summer sun hits your neighborhood, leaving you with – or without – some hot “persimmon” simmering between you and the heated pavement.

written by Dylan Cromwell

photography by errol

shoes contributed by Fritze