PUMA Dallas


During the mid 1980s the PUMA Dallas was one of the most sought after trainers within several UK sub-cultures and groups. The pair seen here are an example of the original pair worn by many – and wanted by more – but there were actually two versions made around the same time. This pair, which are notorious for their D-ring lace holes and Polyurethane soles, are what most will know as the PUMA Dallas. But at the time PUMA was licensed, and therefore a different pair with the exact same name was released in other countries.

At a time when an American influence was beginning to take hold within UK cultures, the PUMA Dallas along with some selected trainers stood out as something unique on these shores. They gathered a cult following amongst the terraces of Football stadiums and 80s Casuals, but also within Hip-Hop and B-Boy circles. Whether worn out with a pair of Lee jeans and Lacoste polo or otherwise, their navy suede upper with the light blue leather form stripe and leather tongue looked good for nearly any occasion. Manufactured out of their factories in Italy, the Italian craftsmanship was (and still is) plain to see.

Since the 80s there has yet to be a retro produced, which still leaves the originals much sought after. There have been words for a few years that they are due to be re-released, but so far it’s only been the other version which has seen the light in current years. Although they were done successfully and went down well with the masses, it’s still the D-ring Dallas that true connoisseurs are waiting for.

written by Professor B

photography by errol

  • Thaicollie

    Gave mine to that bloody Debailey72 woman.

  • http://twitter.com/PuraPuma PuraPuma

    That is a beautiful shoe!! Love the write-up!

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